Welcome to the Art of Distributism.

This is a blog. Further, this is a blog about things and, more importantly, how things (like food and economics) affect people. As the title would imply, the basis for this blog is the economic theory of Distributism, but as the subtitle would imply, this term encapsulates more than just economics. Talking about Distributism opens the way for a discussion of many related affairs, such as self-sufficiency, homesteading, home-based businesses, community, farming, social criticism, the family unit, and much more. As you’ll note, the common theme through all of this–and indeed, the foundation of Distributism itself–is the idea of the home and the family. We are interested in re-discovering the principles behind this home-oriented economic system and finding ways to apply them to daily life. That’s why we hope to have a healthy mix of the philosophical and the physical, the profound and the practical. In other words, we don’t want to discuss merely why a home-based business might be better than a factory job, but also how you can set one up.

The days when there was any likelihood of our country as a whole adopting Distributism as its model may be long past, but that doesn’t mean that individual families and even communities can’t benefit in their own lives from the principles contained therein. And, who knows? If enough people were to realize how healthy the Distributist mindset is, perhaps the ideas would spread.

That is our aim, in brief. To summarize, below is a list of the types of posts you will find on the site:

  • Commentaries and discussions of various economic theories, including Socialism, Capitalism, and Distributism and related issues
  • Commentaries on the building of local community
  • How to’s on a variety of self-sufficiency, homemaking, gardening, and related topics
  • Excerpts from the writings of authors such as G.K. Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc, and papal encyclicals such as Rerum Novarum
  • Book reviews
  • Journal entries about our own Distributist endeavors.

As for the blog itself:

At the top of the page, you’ll see several pages. They are relatively self-explanatory, but a word or two of description might be helpful. Every post is categorized and so the Categories button above will allow you to view all posts related to a certain general topic. You can also use the search bar to the right to find posts related to a specific topic. You can find our email address under the Contact page, a description of the site (what you are reading now) under the About page, and lastly a selection of books tied to the blogs content under the Bookstore tab–that is, you will once we’ve constructed it. You can also access these pages and categories using the buttons on the right sidebar. Also to the right, we have a post archive, a list of recent comments, and buttons for sharing the site with others.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or words of wisdom, feel free to contact us.